Why We Love to Run

I’ve recently had to take a whole year off running due to a foot injury that would not heal. It’s not the first time I have had to take time off (and probably not the last!), but it is definitely the longest period of no running. I hate not running, but I throw myself into weight training and that keeps my sanity! But it got me thinking, why do we love to run so much? I know I’m not alone here!

For me, I run to clear my head. It’s good thinking and alone time, where I forget anything that may be bothering me. Coupled with the rush of happy hormones, you inevitably feel better after a run, than before!

But why do we push ourselves beyond our capabilities, and keep pushing even when we know we shouldn’t (like through an injury)?

Running definitely has addictive qualities. All other exercise I do makes me feel good, but not the same “good” as when I have been for a run. Is it that nothing gets my heart rate up as high as running does? Or maybe it’s being out in nature and getting some vitamin D that makes it feel better?

Over the years of injuries, I’ve learnt to appreciate running. To me now, it’s not worth pushing it to the point of time out for injury. I’ve accepted that running distance is not what I am made to do, but maybe I can run 5k a few days a week without a problem? And this is better than no running at all. I think I will miss that feeling of pride after you have finished a marathon and the buzz after completing a long run with friends, but I know now that I don’t ever want to go through a year off again and having to wear a stupid moonboot!

Why do you love to run?