I’m on the web!

So I have finally got round to creating my website! It’s something I have been meaning to do for a very long time, but little things kept getting in the way, like my wedding! Recently, I have found the time to learn how to use WordPress, so here it is! Thanks to the people who helped me set this up, you know who you are and this would not be here without you! There have been lots of changes recently for me and the business. I am working mostly from home now which is where I enjoy being, I do two half days a week at a clinic in the valley and have spent this year also working with the Brisbane Lions which has been fun. It is nice to have a bit of variety in my week and be able to do odd sub-contracting work for sporting teams. I’ll try and post interesting and informative things on here, who knows if anyone will read my blogs but comment if you have and make me feel like all the swearing and hating my computer was worth it! 🙂

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