Personal Training

Why Choose Me?

I pride myself on not being like other Personal Trainers! If you want a PT that will scream at you until you cry, vomit or pass out, I am not the PT for you! I will do a thorough Initial Assessment where we will chat about your goals, past/present injuries/surgeries and current exercise/training. Then we will assess your movement through a series of exercises to establish your strengths, weaknesses, flexibility, posture, balance, cardio level etc. From here we have a good picture of what you will need to achieve your goals and I will create an individualised plan for you with programs you can do at home (if you want to reach your goals quicker!), or you can come to me weekly, fortnightly, twice a week, whatever suits your lifestyle and budget – I am super flexible with this!

How Much Does It Cost?

An Initial Assessment usually takes 45 minutes to an hour and is $100. From there an hour PT is $100, 30 mins is $65 and other lengths are also negotiable if we find 30 mins is not enough but an hour is a bit too long! Again, I am super flexible! Usually 30 mins is fine if you have no injuries and just want a good, quick workout. 1 hour is recommended if you have any injuries or are training hard for a specific race etc, as we will spend the first part of the session preparing your body for the activity using foam rollers, tennis balls and stretching/mobility drills.

What Can You Help Me With?

I like to specialise in rehab from injuries and have done further training to help with this, however, I am still a qualified Personal Trainer, and if you just want to lose some weight or get a bit stronger in a safe and private way without being in a gym full of people, then I am your PT! I will push you, but all the time respecting your form, energy levels, injuries, age, fitness level, strength etc, so that you don’t get hurt in the process! I’m very focussed on preventing injuries so will constantly ask you how an exercise is feeling and where you are feeling it, just to make sure we are doing everything properly and getting the best results!

Training Plans

Personalised training plans for home exercises or training for a race (such as marathon training) are complementary if you take out a PT triple pack or 10 pack, or if you are a regular client!


I am a qualified Pilates Reformer and Matwork Instructor and offer one-on-one or small group for this if Pilates is more your thing! In all PT sessions, there are elements of Pilates, as I believe it is very important for everyone to work on maintaining a strong core.

Contact me for more details about Pilates classes, Personal Training sessions or Online classes.